Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekly Newsletter December 2nd - December 8th

Current Events: A strong final two weeks of November has the U.S. markets flirting with a reversal from the negative trend which has weighed on all major equity indexes since the first week of October. However, with the fiscal cliff less than a month away true strength in the markets is difficult to develop as economic uncertainty remains.

What to Look for This Week

With multiple employment reports scheduled to be released this week investors will have a slew of data that can be used to gauge the health of the job market and the U.S. economy as a whole. Current estimates project a rise in the unemployment rate; however, in recent months the report has surprised analysts.

News Affecting the Markets

While House Speaker John Boehner and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner each making public statements Sunday solidifying their stances on the fiscal cliff on Sunday, most, including the Treasury Secretary, predict Republicans will accept higher tax rates on the top 2% of Americans to reach a budget deal before the end of the year deadline.

Smart Investing

Opening a Managed a Forex Account: Before deciding to open a managed forex account you must be realistic about the amount of "risk capital" you have to invest. Risk capital is referred to as the capital that you can afford to lose without any major impact on your lifestyle or growth of your money. For a number of reasons some forex investment funds will require that funds be sent directly to the bank accounts and while other Forex Managed Account providers allow you to invest directly with their broker. And the preferable one is that scenario that you invest directly with the broker which is giving you more control over your own funds. Allowing you to deposit or withdraw your funds as well as revoke the right of the money manager to trade your account. A solid manager needs to have money management skills, and disciplined trading is necessary. And it is wise to invest with a managed account program run by a team of professionals that give you a peace of mind.

Earnings for the Week

Monday: LDK Solar Co Ltd (LDK)

Tuesday: Autozone Inc (AZO), Big Lots Inc (BIG), Pandora Media Inc (P) {after the close}, Toll Brothers Inc (TOL)

Wednesday: Men's Wearhouse Inc (MW) {after the close}

Thursday: H & R Block Inc (HRB), Smithfield Foods Inc (SFD)

Friday: No major announcements scheduled.
* Earnings dates and times are subject to change

Economic Data this Week

ISM Index @ 10:00 AM for November (Est. = 50.0 to 51.2, Prior = 51.7)
Construction Spending @ 10:00 AM for October (Est. = 0.3% to 0.4%, Prior = 0.6%)
Auto Sales @ 2:00 PM for November (Est. = n/a, Prior = 5.2M)
Truck Sales @ 2:00 PM for November (Est. = n/a, Prior = 6.0M)

No scheduled announcements.

MBA Mortgage Index @ 7:00 AM for 12/01 (Est. = n/a, Prior = -0.9%)
ADP Unemployment Change @ 8:15 AM for November (Est. = 0.0% to 0.1%, Prior = 0.8%)
Factory Orders @ 10:00 AM for October (Est. = -0.1% to -0.5%, Prior = 4.8%)
ISM Services @ 10:00 AM for November (Est. = 53.0 to 53.7, Prior = 54.2)
Crude Oil Inventories @ 10:30 AM for 12/01 (Est. = n/a, Prior = -0.347M)

Initial Claims @ 8:30 AM for 12/01 (Est. = 395K to 400K, Prior = 410K)
Continuing Claims @ 8:30 AM for 12/24 (Est. = 3350K to 3275K, Prior = 3287K)

Nonfarm Payrolls @ 8:30 AM for November (Est. = 50K to 120K, Prior = 184K)
Unemployment Rate @ 8:30 AM for November (Est. = 8.0% to 8.1%, Prior = 7.9%)
Michigan Sentiment @ 9:55 AM for December (Est. = 82.0 to 82.4, Prior = 82.7)
Consumer Credit @ 3:00 PM for October (Est. = $8.0B to $9.9B, Prior = $11.4B)


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